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Policy for Pricing Updates
Policy for Pricing Updates

Active users will keep their current pricing (but have to choice to opt-in to new pricing).

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Our commitment to our customers includes providing predictable expenses in the form of our pricing, so while we recently updated our pricing model for new organizations -- our existing active organizations will get to keep their current pricing. 

As part of this most recent update, we've also added more features for every organization to understand their current pricing in the 'Settings' section for their Organization. 

What determines an active organization?
Identifying what qualifies and organization as 'active' is no easy task, so we laid out some generous criteria. If your organization fits any one of these criteria, then we grandfathered the organization to our legacy pricing: 

  • Currently has any of our subscriptions (either in Trial or Active phase). 

  • Has connected their Stripe account to Join It.

  • Has sold at least 1 paid membership

Our goal is that we've identified every organization that has chosen to use Join It based on our previous pricing. However, if your in a situation where you committed to using Join It based upon previous pricing but hadn't met the milestones above to be considered active, then we'd be more than happy to review your case and apply legacy pricing.

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