Getting a Demo of Join It

Get a walkthrough of Join It from the CEO through an on-demand demo

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Hi there!

My name is Mitch, and I'm the founder and CEO at Join It. We're here to answer any questions about Join It and help you determine whether we're a good solution for your organization.

We offer 3 ways to get a Demo - and you can pick what ever is most convenient for you!

  • Self-guided Demo: I've recorded a self-guided Demo and put it on YouTube, it's only 8 mins long and you can watch it below.

  • Scheduled 1-on-1 Demo: You can also schedule a Demo with a member of the Join It team:

  • Weekly Demo (usually 2 to 5 participants): You can sign up for one of our Weekly Demos (Wednesdays at 11:00am ET / 4pm GMT):

Self-Guided Demo

For your convenience, I've recorded myself doing an demo walkthrough -- which you can watch below:

Another great way to demo the software is to sign up for your own trial (especially if you're a visual learner like myself!):

And of course, if you still have questions -- then feel free to chat up and we'll get you all the information that you need!

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