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How to Cancel my Join It Subscription
How to Cancel my Join It Subscription

No strings attached! Cancel your Subscription to Join It anytime and for any reason.

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We want customers to pay us because they love our software, not because it's difficult to cancel their subscription -- so we make it quick and easy to cancel your Join It subscription or trial. 

You can follow this button to quick cancel your subscription with just one click. 

Can we change your mind?

Of course, we'd love to hear from you and see if there's an opportunity to continue to win your business.

If you're experiencing an issues, missing a feature, or anything else -- then please contact us to share your problem.

Steps to Cancel

If you want to find this the old fashioned way, then you can follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your Dashboard and use the lefthand navigation to click 'Settings' then 'Billing'.

  2. You'll see your active subscription at the top, so then click on the text that says "If you're looking to cancel your plan, then you can easily do so here."

  3. Please note--in order to cancel your subscription you'll need to delete your Members in order to proceed with cancellation.

  4. Click the button to cancel your subscription -- and you're done! Your subscription or trial is instantly cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove extra Admins that I've paid for before cancelling?

Yes, you'll want to make sure remove added admins--it will continue to charge those Admins not already included on the package.

Do I need to cancel auto re-billing members before cancelling?

Yes, when cancelling your Join It account, it doesn't automatically cancel Members auto re-billing Memberships--that way an Organization can take their memberships with them to another platform using Stripe.

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