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Using the Advanced Settings of Membership Types
Using the Advanced Settings of Membership Types

Use advanced settings for setting up membership types such as: Fixed expiration dates, hidden statuses, assigned member status, & donations.

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The organizations that use Join It have varying and sometimes complex needs -- especially when it comes to setting up their membership types. 

When an organization creates a membership type, we surface the basic options and hide some of the advanced options that are available. 

To navigate to advanced creation of membership types from your dashboard, click on 'Members' and then the button for 'Add Membership Type' and then click the text at the bottom of the box that says 'Use advanced creation for membership types'.

Advanced creation offers the following features: 

  • Assign different statuses to members: When someone signs up to your organization, they can be set to different statuses, choosing from 'prospective', 'pending', or 'active'.

  • Allow the member to define the price: When someone buys a membership, there is the option to allow them to define the price and set a price minimum (only available on membership types that do not automatically re-bill). 

  • Fixed durations: Set a membership to expire on a certain date (like December 31st), regardless of when someone signs up (only available on membership types that do not automatically re-bill). 

  • Hidden from Profile: Choose to hide a Membership Type, so that it's only available via direct link. 

Once your Membership Type has been created, you'll be able to edit additional settings that allow you to determine: 

  • Questions/Fields on the Membership Form: What fields are collected on behalf of Members while they are joining. 

  • Confirmation Email: Set a custom message that is delivered with the Membership Confirmation. 

  • Membership Message: Set a custom message that can only be viewed by Members after joining. 

  • Renewal Settings: Determine whether specific Membership Types are renewable, or whether they need to be mapped to renew with a different Membership Type. 

Setting up your membership types is important to get right, so we're happy to help if you have any questions or just want to verify your set up. Drop us a line!

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