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Managing Your Membership Types
Managing Your Membership Types

Learn more about setting up and customizing the Membership Types your Organization offers.

How to set up a Membership typeLearn how to how to set up a Membership type
Displaying the Benefits of a Membership TypeLearn more about how you can include the Benefits of a Membership Type
How to edit Membership TypesLearn how to setup your Membership types to meet the needs of your organization
Create custom fields for your Membership TypesLearn how to create custom fields and attach them to your membership types
Customize the messages that members receive after joiningLearn how to customize the information a member receives after purchase and confirmation emails
Renewal Settings for a Membership TypeLearn how to configure renewal settings for your membership types -- and redirect renewing members to new membership types
Membership Types with Fixed Expiration DatesLearn more about how Membership Types with Fixed Expiration Dates behave - and best practices for using them.
Automatic re-billing VS One-time payment Membership typesHere you will learn the differences between a Membership type that is set up as Automatic Re-billing versus a One-time Payment option.
Assigning Membership IDsLearn more about the different options for assigning Membership IDs -- including our auto-assignment feature.
Determining the Order of Custom Fields on the Checkout pageLearn how to set a specific order for your custom fields on the checkout page
Setting the Display Order of Membership TypesHow to choose the order in which your membership types display on your organization's public profile
How to hide and delete Membership TypesThis article will walk you through the steps for deleting or hiding membership types
Using the Advanced Settings of Membership TypesUse advanced settings for setting up membership types such as: Fixed expiration dates, hidden statuses, assigned member status, & donations.
Set a term for auto re-billing MembershipHere's a quick work around for this option