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Managing Your Membership Types
How to set up a Membership type
How to set up a Membership type

Learn how to how to set up a Membership type

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Creating new Membership types for your Organization can be done anytime and there are no limits to how many you can set up.

First you'll want to navigate to the Membership type page by clicking on the 'Members' tab then clicking 'Membership types'.

  • Then you can click on the green button that says 'Add Membership type'.

  • There, you can set the name of the Membership type, the price of the Membership type.

  • You'll want to select whether you want the Membership type to automatically re-bill, or if you want your Members to have to manually renew. You can learn the differences between the two options here.

  • Then you can select how you want the Expiration date to be set and lastly you'll want to select how often you want the membership to be billed.

Have Group/family members you want connected together? Learn more about that here.

You can learn how to use the Advanced settings here as well!

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