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Switching the Language of Join It
Switching the Language of Join It

Learn how to update your Account's language setting on Join It

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Within your Account Settings, you can select different language preferences to use Join It. 

These settings are most helpful for members, as the Member Experience has been translated into several different languages: 

  • English (US / Canada / Australia / UK) - Different English options primarily influence Date representation and local flavors. 😉

  • French (Français)

  • Spanish (Español)

  • Italian (Italiano)

  • Dutch (Nederlands)

However, the dashboard experience for admins of Organization's is currently English-only. 

How to Update your Account Settings

  1. When logged into Join It, in the upper righthand corner of the header, there is a dropdown. 

  2. In this dropdown, select 'Account Settings'

  3. Then select your preferred language. All set! 

Looking to add a new language? 

So far, all of our language translations have come from passionate users. If you'd like to add an additional language to our list of supported languages, then we'd love to work with you! 

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