Detaching group members

Here's where you can learn how to remove a member from a group

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You've created a Group membership but now you're wondering how to detach a member from the group - well, you're in the right place!

Here's a quick video to walk you through this:

Here's each step to detach a member from a group:

  1. You'll first want to navigate to the Group Membership in Join It. You can tell a member is apart of a group by this button here:

  2. Then you'll scroll down to where it shoes "X members", you'll click on that button then click where it says 'View as one page' below

  3. After that you'll click on 'Switch detailed view'

  4. Then on that page you'll see the button to 'Detach membership'. You'll click on that button for the membership you'd like detached.

  5. On the next page is where the detaching will happen. You'll click the option to "Separate this membership from (owner email)" and you'll replace it with the members email (this automatically populates). After that, the membership is removed from the group!

If you're also trying to cancel the membership - here's another way to do both at once:

If so, there's an easy way to do that as well. You can do that by clicking on 'Group info' then click 'View group' then click 'Detach & Cancel' under the Membership.

Here's some helpful screenshots for that as well:

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