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Managing Group Memberships
Adding Group Members via Member Portal
Adding Group Members via Member Portal

Learn how your members can view their Groups and add additional Group Members

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When setting up your Membership Types, you can determine whether the respective Memberships are for 'Individuals' or 'Groups'. This article refers to functionality when your Membership Types are set up for 'Groups' registration, and you can learn more about 'Groups' registration here.

QUICK NOTES: Steps to Add new Group Members

If you're a member looking for quick directions on how to add new group members, then this section is for you!

  1. Navigate to your Members Portal

  2. Click on the 'Group Registration' tag on your Membership

  3. Click on the 'Add New Member' green button

  4. Complete the Registration form for your new Group Member

  5. Done!

Experience in Members Portal

When a member is viewing their memberships in the Members Portal, they'll now see a hyperlinked 'tag' for 'Group Registration'.

This 'tag' is clickable and will take the member to a new 'Group View'.

When a member is viewing their Group, they'll be able to see all the members that are a part of the Group. Additionally, they'll see an option to 'Add New Member' (if there is still availability under their Group's limit).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can there be any restrictions to adding new Group Members?

Yep! On your Membership Type, you can set an 'Order Quantity Limit' which sets a maximum number of group members. For example, if you set this limit to '5' -- then your members won't be allowed to a sixth member to their group.

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