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Members with multiple Stripe subscriptions
Members with multiple Stripe subscriptions

Learn more about members with multiple Stripe subscriptions

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Is your Member getting double billed?

If a Member were to manually renew when they're already set up to auto re-bill, it may inadvertently trigger the creation of a second subscription within Stripe, resulting in duplicate billing.


How to resolve:

Thankfully, you're able to easily cancel the second subscription within Stripe to stop the double payments moving forward.

  1. First you'll want to search for the Member within Stripe (I usually use the email address to search)

  2. Then you'll want to find the Subscription that isn't connected to Join It. You can check the subscription ID under the billing tab within Join It and then match it to one of the subscriptions in Stripe using the below steps.

  3. Once you've found which subscription matches in Join It, you'll want to cancel the one that doesn't match. You can do that by clicking the 'X' button next to the subscription in Stripe or by clicking on the subscription and clicking 'Actions' then 'Cancel subscription'.

  4. After that, you're all set! The subscription will stop billing so it won't cause more double billings afterwards.

Finding the subscription ID in Join It and Stripe:

Here's where you'd find the Subscription ID in Join It:

Within Stripe you can see the subscription ID when you click on the subscription under the Subscription details you'll see the 'ID':

In this case, the Join It subscription ID matches this subscription ID in Stripe, so those subscription would be the one you'd want to keep!

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