Organizations have the option within Stripe to add a credit to a Members account or to add a debit which would apply a debit owed to the account.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to add a credit:

  • First you'll want to navigate to Stripe and search for the Member your wanting to add a credit/debit to (you can use the Members name or the Members email).

  • Then when you pull up the Members Stripe account you'll see a spot that says 'Adjust balance' next to 'Credit balance'.

  • You'll click on the 'Adjust balance' button and then add however much you wish to add in Credit and then click the 'Apply to account balance' button to apply it.

  • Now when a Member's next payment is due, the credit balance will be used when paying for their invoice. If the credit amount covers the total balance due, then the Member will not owe a balance on that payment.

For example, if the Members next payment is $20 and you add a credit of $10 onto their account - the next payment will then be $10.

Here's what the 'Adjust balance' screen will look like:

To add a debit onto a Members account, you'll want to switch the 'Adjustment type' to 'Debit' instead of credit. Now however much you apply will be added onto their next payment.

For example, if the Members next payment is currently set up to be $20 and you add a debit onto their account of $10. The next payment will actually then be $30.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions regarding this or anything else! :)

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