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Managing Your Members and Membership Database
Understanding Membership Records in Join It
Understanding Membership Records in Join It

Details on what a Membership record will display within your Membership Database

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Membership records are fundamental components of your Membership Database within Join It. These records contain valuable information about your Members and their interactions with your Organization.

Basic Information on Membership

A typical membership record includes the following details:

  • Membership Type: The name of the Membership Type chosen by the Member during registration. This defines the level or category of membership within your Organization.

  • Join Date: The date when the Member joined your Organization.

  • Membership ID: An external identifier that can be defined for each Member.

  • Members Status: This will display the Members current status within the Organization. Whether it's 'active, expired, cancelled, prospective, or pending'.

  • Expiration Date: The expiration date of the Membership.

  • Auto Rebilling Date: For Memberships with auto-rebilling enabled, this also indicates the next billing cycle.

Member Information

Membership records also capture basic information provided by the member:

  • Contact Details: Address, company, job title, and other relevant contact information.

  • Social Media Links: Links to the member's social media profiles, if provided.

Custom Information

You can collect additional custom information from members, including:

  • Custom Fields: Options for various formats such as text fields, paragraph fields, radio buttons, dropdown menus, waivers, and checkboxes.

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Each membership record is linked to transaction receipts, providing a comprehensive view of previous payments:

  • Transaction Details: Admins can access detailed information on previous payments by clicking on the attached transaction cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Edit Membership Information?

In the Members record, you can edit their Membership Information by clicking on 'Edit Membership Info'. By doing this you can editht the basic and custom fields associated with the membership record.

You can also view and manage the following under a Members record:

  • Payments: View and manage payment details, including transaction history and billing information.

  • Cards: Access and update payment card information for automatic renewals.

  • Emails: Monitor communication history and manage email preferences.

  • Notes: Add internal notes or comments relevant to the membership.

How can I switch a Members Membership Type?

In the Members record, you can easily switch the Membership Type by selecting 'Swtich' in the upper right hand side of the page located near the billing widget. After clicking on 'Switch' you can then choose the updated Membership Type and the billing option for the new Membership Type. (See screenshots below for reference)

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Understanding and managing Membership records is essential for effective Membership management. By leveraging the information stored within Membership records, Organizations can better engage with their members and tailor their services to meet their needs effectively!


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