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Learn about managing payments on Join It.

Passing fees onto your MembersLearn how to pass the service fees onto your Members
Collect an additional donation on top of membership duesGive your members the option to give more in the form of an additional donation
How to apply credits to MembershipsLearn how to apply a credit to a Membership without having to navigate to Stripe
Handling Failed Payments for MembershipsLearn more about how Join It handles Failed Membership Payments
Issuing a Refund for a Membership PaymentLearn how to easily issue a refund for a membership payment
Processing Membership PaymentsLearn about how to process online payments for your memberships
Connecting Stripe to process payments for membership duesLearn how easy and quick it is to connect Stripe to process all of your payments on Join It
Collecting tax on membership duesLearn how to set up and collect tax on your membership dues
Record an Offline PaymentLearn more about recording payments that occur outside of Join It's payment collection.
Importing Historical Financial Data / PaymentsLearn how to import old member payments, donations, and financial data.
Exploring Payment Processing Options with Join ItWe offer some super easy alternatives to make note of member payments outside of Stripe.
What currencies does Join It support?Our customers are global, as Join It supports 19 currencies around the globe.
Use Stripe Tax for automatic Stripe calculation and collectionLearn more about our integration with Stripe Tax and how to activate this feature
Send an Invoice to Collect Membership DuesLearn more about sending an Invoice to collect Membership Dues
Secure Membership Payments via StripeLearn more about how we keep our payments and sensitive information secure through an integration with Stripe.
A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Donations with Join ItLearn how to set up a donation for your Members.
Related Payments on a Membership RecordLearn more about the relationship between Memberships, Accounts, and Payments