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How to link to your Organization's Member Portal
How to link to your Organization's Member Portal

Learn how to directly link your Member Portal to your website, as well as other popular ways to integrate your online presence to Join It.

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Most organizations that use Join It have their own web presence - whether that's their own website (using platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.) or profiles on social media sites.

Join It becomes their 'home' for all things membership - so it's important to connect these two properties, and we provide a wide variety of options to do so.

Available Integration Options

Below, we give an overview of the popular ways that Organizations will link between their current web presence (Custom website, WordPress,, SquareSpace, another CMS) and Join It.

Direct Linking - Easiest and Most Popular

To convert your prospective members, you need to get them to the checkout page as quickly as possible. So we made it even easier to grab your custom URL by having it always ready on your dashboard.

Deep Link to Checkout Pages

Another popular option is for organizations to merchandise their memberships on their own site and then link directly to the checkout page of the respective membership when the member is ready to purchase. To grab the URL for the checkout page of each of your respective membership types, you can navigate to a Membership Type from the bottom of your Dashboard and you'll find it listed as 'Direct Link'.

Embeddable Widgets

We allow Organization on our Total Package and Extra Package (see our Pricing) to embed our widget that facilitates the whole check-out experience into any current website.

  • Embedable Widget: Allows you to embed the entire purchase flow, so that prospective members can checkout without ever leaving your site.

  • Button Widget: Allows you to create a customized (choose the color and text) 'Button' that links to different pages within your Member Portal.

  • Link Widget: Allows you to create hyperlinks (choose the text) which can be used in emails, added to your website, and shared on social platforms.

Here's a quick loom demonstrating the check-out experience:

Stand-alone Member Portal

Some smaller organizations prefer to use their Join It profile as a de facto landing page. In this case, we complement their presence on social media and provide a home for prospective members to learn more about the organization and join.

Try It Out!

Want to learn more about how Join It helps with member management? Sign up for a free trial and give it a whirl!

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