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Creating and Managing Discounts for your Members
Creating and Managing Discounts for your Members

Learn how to create and manage discounts, trials, and coupons for your members

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Organizations commonly want to offer discounts or different prices for the same Membership Type without having to create distinct Membership Types for each price. 

To support this, Join It allows organization admins to create discounts and generates links for those discounts to respective checkout pages. 

To navigate to Manage Discounts in your Dashboard, follow these steps: 

  1. From your Dashboard, select the 'Members' section in the navigation. 

  2. Click on 'Member Settings' in the secondary navigation. 

  3. Click on the button to 'Manage Discounts

  4. Click on the button to 'Create Discount' and then click on the newly created discount. 

Note: When creating a discount code, the code will have special characters and spaces (" ") removes from the code.

Discounts can be shared as a link that directs the prospective member directly to the Checkout page with the Discount already applied or as a code that can be applied at Checkout. Though to support the Apply at Checkout option, the Organization must first activate this within their Discount Settings.

How can Discounts be used?

New Percentage Discounts

In addition to being able to set a fixed discount (e.g. $15 off), Organizations can now offer a Percentage discount (e.g. 25% off). This functionality makes it easier for Organizations to manage a promotional campaign that might span across multiple membership types. 

Discount Duration

Organizations can determine whether they want a Discount to apply just once on the initial payment, or whether they want the Discount to persist through out the Membership's automatic re-billing. 

Putting these to work

Organizations can run a campaign that uses a discount code that applies 100% off for one payment across multiple Membership Types -- creating a time bound campaign that provides a 'first payment waived' benefit. 

Pro Tip: When you're not offering a Promotion, you can toggle off the ability to apply Membership Discounts at Checkout, so that folks don't see the ability to apply a code. E-commerce research suggests that displaying an ability to apply a Discount, when the buyer doesn't have a Discount, might decrease conversion. So we always recommending turning this off when outside of a promotion period.

Member Experience

When the ability to Apply Discounts at Checkout has been activated, the buyer will see a link to "Enter Discount Code" (screenshot #1).

Once the buyer clicks "Enter Discount Code", an input box will appear -- the buyer then needs to enter the code and click "Apply Discount" (screenshot #2).

Upon entering a valid code, the Discount will be applied and their total will be updated.

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