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Permanently Deleting an Organization
Permanently Deleting an Organization

Learn how to permanently delete your organization and all related data.

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At Join It, we're committed to privacy and data security. 

We encourage folks to sign up by making it easy for them. However, if we're not the right fit; or an organization was just created for testing; or it's just time to transition -- then we are committed to making it easy to entirely wipe your data from our platform.

Only an 'Owner' permission can delete an Organization

In order to remove your Organization from Join It, you must have the 'owner' permission on the Organization. If you created the Organization, then you're the 'owner' by default. 

Instructions to Delete Organization

  1. Log in with an account that has an 'owner' permission for the organization you want to delete.

  2. Using the navigation go to 'Settings' > 'Data Settings'

  3. Click on the button to 'Delete Organization' 

  4. Verify your intent to delete through confirmations

When you're taken to the following page, you'll be asked to repeat the name of the Organization and "DELETE" -- finishing these prompts will permanently remove your Organization and all related data. 

This can not be undone. 

Note that if your Organization has 5 or more members, then you'll have to 'reset' your member data first. 

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