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Managing Your Members and Membership Database
Deleting a Member from your Organization
Deleting a Member from your Organization

Clean up membership data by removing it from your member table

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Keeping your membership data accurate and up-to-date is essential for effective Organization management. Learn how to delete a Member and clean up membership data in your Join It account.

Instructions on Deleting a Member from Your Organization

Steps to Delete a Member:

  1. Navigate to Member Table:

    • Access your member table by visiting the following link: Member Table.

  2. Select Membership Record:

    • Click on the membership record you wish to remove from your organization.

  3. Initiate Deletion Process:

    • In the top-right corner of the membership record, locate and click the "Delete Membership" button.

  4. Confirm Deletion:

    • A confirmation box will appear, allowing you to permanently delete the membership record.

    • Note: Deleting a member record is irreversible!

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Instructions on Merging Memberships


  • Merging memberships is a useful feature for consolidating duplicate or redundant membership records.

Steps to Merge Memberships:

  1. Access Newest Membership:

    • Navigate to the newest Membership record.

  2. Locate Merge Tool:

    • Scroll down to the bottom of the Membership record until you find the 'Notes' section.

    • Click on the link indicating the number of Members (e.g., '1 Member').

  3. Initiate Merge Process:

    • Within the 'Notes' section, click on the 'Merge tool' link.

    • Select the information to keep and merge the accounts together.

  4. Note:

    • Both memberships must have the same email address for the Merge tool to appear.

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Deleting and merging memberships are valuable tools for managing and cleaning up membership data in your Join It account. By following these steps and exercising caution, you can ensure that your member table remains organized and accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Deleted Memberships Be Restored?

  • Irreversible Deletion:

    • It's crucial to note that once a Membership record is deleted, it cannot be restored. Exercise caution when deleting Member records.

  • Data Security Regulations:

    • Due to certain data security regulations that we follow, Membership information is permanently deleted when it's removed from Join It.

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