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Your Organization's Admin Dashboard
Your Organization's Admin Dashboard

Learn more about the Admin Dashboard that's available for your Organization

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Overview of Admin Dashboard

Once you create an Organization within Join It, you'll have access to the Admin Dashboard. This Admin Dashboard is private to you and other admins that you invite to your organization.


On the lefthand side, you'll see a menu that will help you navigate through your Organization's Admin Dashboard.

  • Dashboard: This is your 'home' for the Admin Dashboard. It's the place when you first land, giving you the most up-to-date view of everything happening across your Organization, and the jumping-off point for most tasks.

  • Profile: This is where you can update the details of your Organizations and adjust the settings for your Member Portal.

  • Members: Given that we're Membership Software, this is a critical menu item! Under this item, you'll find your Members Table, the ability to add new members, and member settings.

  • Automations: This is where you can connect other apps - like Stripe for payment processing, Mailchimp for email, and Eventbrite for event ticketing.

  • Communication: This is where you'll find the ability to send bulk emails to your members with our Quick & Easy Emails tool. And you can set up your Automated Emails.

  • Events: This is where you'll find the ability to create Event Listings on your Members Portal, as well as additional settings for our Eventbrite integration.

  • Finance: This is where you'll find all of your Membership Payments aggregated, as well as information about Payouts.

  • Insights: This is where you'll find charts and graphs in addition to our powerful reporting engine which lets you export your most important data.

  • Settings: This is where you'll find information on your Organization's Package and the ability to manage most Organization-wide settings.

  • Support Center: Chat with our helpful support team or browse our detailed Support Center.

  • View Profile: This opens a new window which displays your Organization's Member Portal.

What's New - February 2024 Update

In February 2024, we introduced a new Navigation to our Org Admin experience. This new navigation performs much better on mobile devices and tables - in addition to adding a new Persistent Search Bar and changing the layout of the 'View Profile' button.

Persistent Search Bar

Now, whenever you're viewing your Organization's Admin Dashboard experience - you'll see a persistent Search Bar within the header, so that you can navigate to a Membership record as soon as possible.

This improvement was introduced after observing how our Organization's use the Admin Dashboard - and how they navigate from Membership Record to Membership Record. Overall, we removed several clicks and steps from common member management workflows.

New 'View Profile' Button

Additionally, we've changed where the 'View Profile' button to be more consistent with the Information Hierarchy of the layout.

Previously, the 'View Profile' button was nestled into the upper-right corner of the header - next to Account-level functions.

Now, you'll find it on your Dashboard's sidebar next to all of your other Organization information.

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