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What is Join It?

Join It is a Membership Management service and much more!

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Join It is a membership management service that enables organizations to effectively keep track, manage, and grow their community. :) 

What are some of Join It's features?

We automate the essential components of an Organization

  • Membership Sales

  • Email Communication

  • Event Organization

  • Custom Profile

  • Multiple Admin Access

See more of Join It's features here

Who can use Join It?

From college clubs to triathlons and volunteering, we at Join It are always busy participating, organizing, and leading small communities of shared interests. The communities have varied in their degree of organization, however; some were small, efficient interest-monopolies while others were more like a group of like-minded people drinking a little too much, a little too often :) A common theme was shared among all our organizations: there were headaches. Paying dues, keeping calendars up to date, and staying connected were always annoying, but the friction was felt the most in leadership roles.

That’s why we made Join It. We want to eliminate the maintenance. We want all organizations to focus on their value, not spending hours updating member lists. We are passionate about our micro-communities and want to build tools that enable like-minded people to be the same. Join It is here to help you run your group! We will focus on the biggest headaches first, with plenty of more to come. :)

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