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Membership Confirmations (Type A) - When a member joins your Organization.
Membership Confirmations (Type A) - When a member joins your Organization.

Learn more about Membership Confirmation (Type A) emails that are sent after a member joins your organization

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Automated Emails Overview

As a membership platform, Join It supports our customers by automating the membership life-cycle.

One of these membership life-cycle events is when your member first joins your Organization. When this event occurs, the system will send a Membership Confirmation (Type A).

As an aside, there's a separate email called Membership Confirmation (Type B) which is triggered upon renewals - so that you can customize the message separately for each of these different scenarios.

Details of Membership Confirmation (Type A)

Membership Confirmation emails are automatically sent once a member joins your Organization. 

When an admin of your Organization is adding a member through the admin tools, then they can decide whether to send (or suppress) a Membership Confirmation email. 

Features of Membership Confirmation emails

  • Customizable message (can be set by Membership Type): Many organizations will include custom messages in the Membership Confirmation to deliver members-only information immediately after sign up. 

  • Adjust which admins are notified: In the Communications tab, organizations can adjust which admins are included on BCC of this type of message.

  • Optionally Turn Off: Additionally, there's the option to turn off the Membership Confirmation (Type A) emails. This could be helpful if you want to send these emails out manually or through another connected system.

Information Included in the Membership Confirmation (Type A)

  • Organization's Name and Logo

  • Organization's Twitter, Facebook, and Website links

  • Name of Membership Type

  • Price of Membership Type

  • Button / CTA to View Membership

  • Customizable Confirmation Message

  • Member Information: Information provided by the Member during registration

Example of Membership Confirmation (Type A)

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