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Couples Membership

Learn how to set up two members under one Membership.

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It's common that organizations want to track two folks as part of a 'couples' membership, and there are a few different ways to support this — depending on what is specifically needed. 

At the core of Join It, the concept is that there can only be 1 email address per membership record — while some organizations will circumvent this by creating custom fields, it's important to call out that this approach will not sync those 'custom field' email addresses to connected platforms (MailChimp, Eventbrite, Constant Contact, etc.) and our communication tools will not send to those secondary emails. 

So, if the email address is fine only being 'stored' and not actually being used (e.g. record keeping only) then your organization can use custom fields. However, if your organization wants to be able to email the secondary email address or have it sync to external platforms, then there are other features to utilize:

  • Using the 'Order Quantity Minimum': Most commonly, organizations will set up a separate 'couples' membership type and set the Order Quantity Minimum to '2'. This is most common when there is a 'discount' for registering as a couple (e.g. $75 for an individual, $50/each when registering as a couple). 

  • Using the 'Group' membership type: Another approach is that folks will use the 'Group' registration type to set a price for a 'group'. Commonly, they'll set the 'Order Quantity Minimum' and 'Order Quantity Maximum' to 2. The key difference in the set up of these two 'Membership Type' approaches, is the pricing — when it comes to 'Group' membership types, the 'price' doesn't vary depending on the amount of members. So the Price needs to be set for the total cost of the couple/group. Where as, in the first recommended approach — the price increases depending on the quantity of memberships in the Order.

View the 'Group Membership Collection' to read more about Group Memberships here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the 'Order Quantity Minimum' option?

You can find the 'Order Quantity Minimum' button under each Membership type's settings. You'll want to navigate to the 'Members' tab then click 'Membership type' then click on the Membership type you wish to edit. Then under where you see the name of the Membership type and registration type you'll click 'Edit details' and there you'll see the spot to change the 'Order Quantity Minimum' and 'Order Quantity Limit'.

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