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Managing Group Memberships
Group vs Individual Membership Types
Group vs Individual Membership Types

Learn more about the difference between Group vs Individual in Advanced Settings

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When creating your Membership Types under the 'Advanced Settings', you have the option to select between two different Registration Types:

  • Individual -- Individual is the default registration type. When this registration type is selected, the price varies depending on the quantity of memberships. 

  • Group -- Group is a special registration type. When this registration type is selected, the price does not vary depending on the quantity of memberships. For example, if the Membership Type has a price of $50 -- then the payment will be $50 regardless of whether I'm registering 2 members or 5 members. This functionality is often paired with the Membership Type settings that allow Organizations to limit the number of Memberships in an order (e.g., an Order quantity limit of 5 would mean that a maximum of 5 members could be included in a group).

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up a Group Membership type?

You can set up your Group Membership type by creating a new Membership type and expanding the 'Display advanced options for adding membership types' button found at the bottom of the New Membership Type screen. That will allow you to change the Registration type from 'Individual' to 'Group'. 

How do I update the Status for all Members in a Group?

We've recently added this new feature to allow you to update 'all' Members under that Group. You can do this by navigating to one of the Members of the Group, then you'll want to scroll down to the bottom of the Membership and click on 'Group Info', then click 'View group', then you'll want to click 'Update Status of All Groups Members'. Then you can select the Status you wish to update the Group to and click 'Update status'.

How do I add an existing Member to a Group?

You can now add an existing Member to a Group by navigating to the 'View group' page just like in the note above this one. Once you're there, you'll see a button that says 'Add existing Member', you'll just click that button and then search for the Member you wish to add to the group. One thing to note here is that the Member does have to be under the same Membership type as the Group.

How do I import my Memberships in Groups from another system?

When doing a Bulk Import, you can also group together Memberships as a Group (in case you're coming from an existing system that supports this concept).

Steps to create Group associations in a Bulk Import:

  • Once you've downloaded you're Bulk Import template, add one more column (it doesn't matter the order/position of this column) with a header of 'owner_email').  

  • When the Bulk Upload is done, the system will 'attach' memberships that share an 'owner_email' under the same Group.

  • In the example below, both members -- Diana & Bruce -- would have membership records created, and they would be attached under the same Group. 

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