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Managing Your Membership Types
Displaying the Benefits of a Membership Type
Displaying the Benefits of a Membership Type

Learn more about how you can include the Benefits of a Membership Type

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One of the core components of setting up your member database is defining your Membership Types.

The Membership Types has common traits like price, duration (1 month, 1 year, etc.), and billing behavior (one-time, automatically recurring). But perhaps the most important thing for a prospective member is "what they get" for joining your Organization.

For this reason, we've added the ability to add 'Benefits' to each Membership Type.

Once you've added your 'Benefits', these will display on the front page of your Members Portal for prospective buyers to evaluate what comes with each Membership Type. Additionally, existing members can login to the Members Portal to view the Benefits next to each of their Memberships.


View of a logged in member when viewing their membership in the Members Portal.

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