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Redeeming Membership benefits on Eventbrite
Redeeming Membership benefits on Eventbrite

Learn more about how Members receive their Eventbrite benefits through Join It

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One of the most popular features of Join It is our integration with Eventbrite - and the ability to create Promotional Codes (Discount or Access) for members. 

Our goals for this feature have always been simplicity and easy-of-use for organizations and their members (while working within the constraints of our partner, Eventbrite).

What we've done is designed an experience that reduces the friction for members to receive their event benefit. 

How Members Receive Their Benefit

Once the respective Eventbrite Automation has been created, active members will have a Promotional code (Access or Discount) created on their behalf for them to redeem. 

The Eventbrite code is set to be equal to the members' email address -- this was intentionally designed so that the code was inherently unique and already memorized by the member. 

When members go to register for an event on Eventbrite, they'll just have to enter their email address as the Promotional Code (see screenshot). That's it!

Better UX when starting on Join It

Often, your members will start from Join It because they've just purchased / renewed a membership -- or they were visiting your members portal. 

When this is the case, there is an improved experience because Join It will detect a logged-in member and append their email address to the Eventbrite URL in a way that their respective promotional code is automatically applied. 

To the member, this works like magic -- once they purchase their membership, they'll see a list of your events and click on the respective listings will take them to the event with their benefit already showing. 

Communicating this to Members

While we make it dead simple for members when they start on Join It - we realize this isn't always the case. 

That's why it's important to do a minimum amount of Member education to inform them how to get their redemption (because we're using their email address, which is easy to remember, we've found that members generally "get it" after just one try!). 

Some ways that organizations successfully educate their members on this process: 

  • Use the 'members-only' information that shows up on the Confirmation Page and Members-portal (this can be edited within each Membership Type). 

  • Use the 'Confirmation Email' as another piece of real-estate to re-enforce this information (this can also be edited within each Membership Type). 

  • Use Email Marketing to spread the word! 

  • Use the respective event details in the Eventbrite event

  • Use this Support Article. :) 

Have any feedback? We'd love to hear! Chat us!

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