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Updating your Timezone settings
Updating your Timezone settings

A guide for updating your Timezone settings

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As an Organization, you have the ability to set your Timezone for your dashboard.

Why do we need a Timezone Setting?


  • If a Membership needs to rebill on January 1st for an Organization based in Sydney, the odds are that it’s still December 31st for most of the world when the Organization expects this to occur.

  • Setting your timezone helps to determine the specific datetime - datetime is relative to location (at the same point in time, it can both be December 31st and January 1st).

  • When you want something to happen at a specific datetime, you most likely want that datetime to be calculated relative to your timezone. So that's why setting a timezone can be helpful!

How to update your Timezone

This can be done by navigating from the Org Dashboard to ‘Settings’ > ‘Data Settings’ > ‘Timezone Settings’ or by clicking this link here.

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