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Setting up a Custom Domain for your Member Portal
Setting up a Custom Domain for your Member Portal

Learn more about setting a Custom Domain or using a subdomain for your Member Portal. Only available for Organizations on our Extra Package.

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We're excited to enhance our offering on the Extra Package, so that organizations have options for which domain their members use to access their Member Portal.

  • Custom Domain: Organizations can use their own domains for their members to access the member portal. This requires setting a DNS record (more on that later), but then the Member Portal can be served from your own domain. For example, if you own, then you can serve Join It's member portal from

  • Subdomain on Another option, which won't require you to adjust any DNS records, is to use our domain with your own subdomain. So this means, you can set something like 'acme' to be your subdomain - so that your members can access the member portal at:

Getting Started

If you're currently on the Extra Package, then we'd be happy to get you set up. Since this is a brand new functionality, it does require manual set up by the team at Join It - and we're currently processing clients one-by-one.

To start the process, please submit a request form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this available for my Organization?

This premium feature is available to all Organizations that are on the Extra Package. For more details on our Pricing, see our pricing table here:

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