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Send an Invoice to Collect Membership Dues
Send an Invoice to Collect Membership Dues

Learn more about sending an Invoice to collect Membership Dues

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Within Join It, we've made it even easier to collect your membership dues by adding a new option to 'Send Invoice'.

When you send an Invoice through Join It, we'll create an unpaid payment record attached to their membership - and send an invoice via Stripe, so that your member can easily settle up.

Useful Cases

  • Org admins have approved a membership application, and now can request a payment

  • Org admins has information to create a Membership record, but still needs to collect payment

  • Org admins want to process a renewal but still needs to collect a payment

How to Send an Invoice

  1. Add Payment from Membership Record: From the Membership record, click on 'Add Payment' and select 'Collect an Online Payment'.

  2. Select 'Send Invoice' as Collection method: Once you're creating the Payment, you'll see different options for collecting the payment. Make sure that the 'Send Invoice' method is selected.

  3. Choose the Payment Amount: The payment amount will default to the cost of the member's current Membership Type, but you can adjust the Invoice amount here.

  4. Click 'Collect Online Payment': Once you've finalized the details of the Invoice, click 'Collect Online Payment'. This will create the 'Unpaid' payment record within your account on Join It, and it will send a payable Invoice to the respective member.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the member receive when an org admin uses 'Send Invoice' option?

Once you've created the payment within Join It, the member will receive an email with the attached Invoice for them to pay. From within the email, they'll be able to easily pay the Invoice via a Stripe-hosted page. For the member, paying is easy - no need to login, authenticate, or fill out any forms - they just need to pay.

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