Adding Membership Payments

Learn more about different method of adding payment to members.

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One of the most important aspects of a member database is the ability to collect and track payments. Within Join It, we offer a wide variety of methods for collecting and tracking payments.

Collect Online Payment

Join It has made it easy for Org admins to add membership records and renew memberships. We are excited to show a brand new feature called 'Send an Invoice', which will create unpaid payment records within Join It. The member will receive an email with the link to the payable invoice. Members can now easily pay for their membership with just one click from their email to their Stripe checkout page.

How to Collect Online Payment

  1. From the Membership record, click on 'Add Payment'

  2. Select 'Collect an Online Payment'

Send Online Invoice

This option allows the Org admin to charge fees to new and renewing members. An email with a direct link to their invoice will be sent to members. To learn more about how to Send an Online invoice, click here.

Record Offline Payment

Once a membership record has been created, org admins can record Offline Payments. This is helpful in the case where a member sends a check, pays in cash, or otherwise pays outside of Join It and Stripe.

Now, when recording an Offline Payment, there's the option to process it as a 'Renewal'.

Doing so will automatically update the respective membership's status and expiration date.

To learn more about recording offline payments, click here.

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