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Processing Membership Payments
Processing Membership Payments

Learn about how to process online payments for your memberships

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With Join It, it's easy to process payments for your memberships. There are many different options for accomplishing this, so we've gone through and explained each one in more detail. 

Processing a Membership Payment through the 'Profile'

The most popular way to process a membership payment is by having your members purchase a membership from your public Profile. You can find your Profile by clicking the 'View Profile' button from your Dashboard in the upper right hand corner of your header navigation -- or here is an example profile to check out

This checkout process in just one page, collects the member's payment details, and any additional fields that you want.

Processing a Membership Payment Through the Back-end

Another popular option for taking a membership payment is through your admin dashboard. When logged in as an admin of an organization is creating a membership for the first time, they have the opportunity to enter payment details to process a payment on behalf of a member (at this time, you can also record offline payments like cash or check). 

Processing a One-time Membership Payment

Additionally, there is a third way to process a payment for a membership -- in the form of a one-time online payment. This is intended for memberships as follow-on payments after a member has already purchased a membership via Stripe. 

Note: This option will only be available if there is a connected Stripe record from a previous purchase made by the member.  

To process a one-time payment for a membership, navigate to the Membership record and click the green 'Add Payment' button and then select 'Online Payment'.

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