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How to Download (and Print) Digital Membership Cards
How to Download (and Print) Digital Membership Cards

Learn more about the different options for downloading and printing the Digital Membership Cards

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The standard way that most members engage with our Digital Membership Cards is through their native integration to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. To learn more about this simple and popular way to add your Digital Membership Card to the wallet on your phone, go here.

However, some organizations require a way to download an image of the Digital Membership Card and/or print this card. For organizations that require these exceptions, we've created this feature and supporting article.

Instructions to Download the Digital Membership Card as an Image

As an admin for an Organization, you're able to download an image version of a member's Digital Membership Card. To download, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the respective Membership Record (you can do this by using the search box in the header or "Members" > "View Members")

  2. Scroll down on the Membership Record, until you see the tab for "Digital Cards" - once you find it, click on "Digital Cards", so that it shows you the different card options.

  3. Click on "Download Card" to initiate the Download

  4. Depending on your Operating System and Browser Settings, you'll experience different behavior - but most commonly, you'll find the Digital Membership Card within your designated Download folder.

Instructions to Print a Digital Membership Card

Once you've followed the instructions for Downloading the image of a Digital Membership Card, it's simple to print that card.

Details for Mac OS X

  1. First, open your Digital Membership Card within your preferred application for viewing images (in this example, we're using the operating system's default 'Preview' application).

  2. Then use the "File" menu and navigate to "Print"

  3. In this case, we want the Digital Membership Card to be a more reasonable size - so we decide to scale it down to 20% of it's original size by using the "Scale" and entering "20%"

  4. You're done! Hit "Print".

Frequently Asked Questions

Can members download their own Digital Membership Cards outside of Apple Wallet and Google Wallet?

No. Currently, the ability to download Digital Membership Cards outside of the standard Apple Wallet and Google Wallet is reserved for only admins of Organizations.

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