Invite Additional Users to your Organization

Collaborate with teammates by learning how to invite additional users to your Organization

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Invite Additional Users

Invite additional users to collaborate on your Organization. For $10.00 per month per additional seat, spread the managerial tasks within your organization across multiple administrators.

Now, let’s get started...

Step 1: invite additional administrators to your Join It profile

  • From your Dashboard, go to 'Settings' and then click the 'Manage Admins' link

  • Enter the name and primary contact email for the new administrator

  • Select the appropriate account access level

  • Click the “Invite Users” button to send an invitation email to the new administrator

Step 2: onboard the new administrator

  • The new administrator will receive an invitation to setup an account and collaborate in the Join It account

  • Once they click the confirmation link from the invitation email, they will be invited to sign up for Join It by verifying their email and creating a password

Step 3: collaborate!

  • From here, you are all set to team up with other administrators within your organization. Divide and conquer!

Summary of User Permissions

  • Owner Permissions - Owner permissions have access to all functionality and features within and Organization. Grant this permission to users who need the ability to take the most sensitive actions; for example: deleting user data and editing billing information.

  • Manager Permissions - While Manager permissions do not have access to the most sensitive actions (such as deleting the organization), they do have access to the features that are needed to serve the members; for example: updating a membership's status, viewing membership records, and sending emails to members.

  • Frontdesk Permissions - Frontdesk permissions are very limited and typically are granted to enable users to view membership records and take limited actions on behalf of memberships. A users with the frontdesk permission will have limited access to the dashboard (logged in users with frontdesk permission will only see the Dashboard and Members table) and can not access any of the set up or configurations.

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