How to Check In a Member

Learn more about the different ways that you can Check In a member with our Check In tools, Digital Membership Cards, and Scanning devices.

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One of our most popular tools within our membership platform is the Member Check In functionality.

Essentially, a Membership can be checked-in through different tools - Phone Camera (any iPhone or Android device), Scanner Device, or through the backend Membership Record - and our system provides tracking and reporting on these Check Ins.

This allows you to control access, track redemptions, report on visits - and much more!

3 Different Check In Methods

Within Join It, we support 3 different approaches to recording a 'Check In' - these are just 'channels' for recording a 'Check In', so an Organization can mix & match these approaches as needed.

Check In via Membership Record

The first approach is the most straight forward - adding a 'Check In' via the Membership Record.

  • Pros to this approach:

    • No additional smartphones or devices are required

    • Members don't have to have their Digital Membership Cards

  • Cons to this approach:

    • Requires the person completing the Check In access to your Member Database (whether this is truly a 'Con' depends on your structure and who is doing the Check In)

    • Takes a bit longer to navigate to the membership record (though, the new persistent search bar in the header makes it very quick ✨)

QR Scan via Scanner Device

Another approach to Member Check In is to use the QR Codes on our Digital Membership Cards and scan them with a 3rd Party Scanner Device.

  • Pros to this approach:

    • Quick and simple to scan the QR code and execute the Check In

    • Hardware is cheap to purchase and provide (so that employees don't have to use their own device)

  • Cons to this approach:

    • You have to buy a 3rd party Scanner Device

    • Generally, the scanner still needs to be connected to another device (e.g. a laptop at the front desk) - so you're less mobile than the approach with a Smartphone

QR Scan via Phone Camera

The final approach for executing a Member Check In is via a Phone Camera - any iPhone or Android device's camera will read our QR Codes.

  • Pros to this approach:

    • Quick and simple to scan the QR code and execute the Check In

    • Nearly everyone already has the hardware (a smartphone - any iPhone or Android device will work)

    • Most 'mobile' friendly - e.g. you can scan while away from the front desk, in a field, at a music venue, etc.

  • Cons to this approach:

    • Whoever is doing the scan has to either (1) use their own device or (2) be provided a device

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with all Barcode Scanners?

While we can't promise that it works with all Barcode Scanners, the QR codes that we use are universally encoded to be compatible with most Barcode Scanners that read 2D Barcodes (which should be listed in the product description).

List of 3rd Party Scanner Devices:

  • Eyoyo Handheld USB 2D Barcode Scanner (via Amazon)

  • NetumScan-2D-Barcode-Scanner-Handheld [USED IN VIDEO DEMO] (via Amazon)

If you have any other questions about our Member Check In Software, then please reach out!

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