Sending Digital Membership Cards to Members

Learn how to send Digital Membership Cards to your Members

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One of Join It's most popular features is our Digital Membership Card -- and

this article will go over the best approach to sending your members their Digital Membership Cards.

Best Practice for Sending to a large segment of Members

If you need to get Digital Membership Cards to a large segment of Members, then follow these easy steps to activate the Digital Membership Cards in the Members Portal and direct your members.

  1. Go to 'Members Settings' > 'Digital Membership Cards' and Enable 'Show Cards in Member Portal' (see screenshot below)

  2. Then navigate to 'Communication' > 'Quick & Easy Emails' and click 'Send Emails'

  3. Next, put together your segment that you want to email -- we recommend using the 'Filter by Status' option to target your 'Active' members only

  4. Lastly, make sure you've selected the 'View Memberships Template' (the green 'View Membership' button takes the member to your member portal where they can receive their card) and write a custom message.

  5. Send! Each of your members in this segment will receive an email that directs them to the Members Portal where they can receive their card.

  6. Once your members have clicked on the 'View Membership' button, they will be re-directed to the Members portal where they will see the option to 'View Membership Card' (see screenshot below)

Screenshot #1 - Toggle on the option to 'Show Cards in Member Portal'

Screenshot #2- Where your Members will find their Membership Card

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does "registered" mean under the Membership card details for a Member?

This means that the Member has Downloaded their Membership card onto their mobile device.

Are the Membership cards attached to any Automated emails?

Yes, the Digital Membership cards are attached to the Automated Confirmation email Type A and B.

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