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Leveraging Join It for Chapter-based Organizations: A Complete Guide
Leveraging Join It for Chapter-based Organizations: A Complete Guide

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Join It is an easy-to-use and powerful membership management platform designed to serve organizations of all sizes. One of the unique capabilities of our platform is its suitability for chapter-based organizations. This is due to our robust set of features tailored explicitly for managing multiple chapters with ease, simplicity, and sophistication.

Benefits for Chapter-Based Organizations

Join It's membership software is an ideal fit for chapter-based organizations for the following reasons:

Super Admin Capability

As a super admin, you have the flexibility to manage multiple chapter accounts from a single point. This feature allows you to switch between chapter accounts seamlessly, providing an overview of each chapter's activities while preserving the autonomy of each chapter.

Separate Member Databases

Join It respects the privacy and independence of your chapters. Therefore, we offer completely separate member databases for each chapter. This means that each chapter won't have access to or be able to see other chapter's members, ensuring data privacy and allowing each chapter to manage its member database independently.

Full Access to Join It Features

Each of your chapters has full access to all the features of the Join It platform. This includes membership automations, member directory, automated renewal notices, and more. Each chapter can utilize these features independently, optimizing their membership management according to their unique needs.

Bulk Discount Pricing

Join It is committed to providing affordable, value-for-money solutions to our clients. To this end, we offer bulk discounts on pricing for packages when the parent organizations buys for each of the chapters. This means the more chapters you manage on our platform, the more cost-effective it becomes. Our bulk discount pricing is designed to support your organization's growth, no matter the size and number of chapters.


Join It provides an all-in-one solution for chapter-based organizations to effectively manage their membership, events, and communication. By leveraging our platform's dedicated features, you can streamline operations, maintain autonomy between chapters, ensure data privacy, and enjoy cost savings. Whether you are a small organization just starting or a large one with numerous chapters, Join It is equipped to support your organization's unique needs and help you thrive.

To learn more about how Join It can benefit your chapter-based organization, feel free to contact our support team or Schedule a Demo

We look forward to supporting your organization's growth with Join It.

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