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Setting a Cancellation Policy
Setting a Cancellation Policy

Learn how to setup a cancellation policy, so that members must contact the organization to cancel

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Organizations have the opportunity to setup a cancellation policy within Join It. Setting a cancellation policy allows for organizations to disable a members ability to cancel their membership themselves ('self-service cancellation') and allows the organization to define a policy (e.g. "Contact us at" or "Come to our location to cancel in person.").

An Organization's Default Setting

By default, an organization's members can cancel their own memberships. We realized that this isn't a *one-size fits all* solution and organizations needed the ability to change this setting for a variety of reasons. 

So, we built the ability for organizations to change whether their members can self-cancel their memberships. 

How to Set a Cancellation Policy

  1. To set a cancellation policy for your organization, click on 'Members' in your navigation

  2. From the dropdown, select 'Member Settings'.

  3. Then find the tile and click the button that says 'Edit Cancellation Settings' (or you can use this short cut by clicking here).

If you want to remove the ability for your members to cancel their own membership, select "No, members can not cancel their own memberships.". 

Then, you'll want to add some text to explain the process which your members should follow to cancel their memberships.

Advice and FAQ

Can members cancel their auto re-billing

If the Cancellation policy is set to Members cannot cancel - then they're also unable to cancel their auto re-billing.

We built this feature after hearing from organizations that needed more flexibility around a cancellation policy, so we'd love to hear any advice on this feature or what your organization needs. Drop us a line with feedback or questions.

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