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Failed Payment Notifications - Automatic emails sent when a payment fails
Failed Payment Notifications - Automatic emails sent when a payment fails

Learn more about the Failed Payment notifications that are sent when a member's recurring payment fails

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Automated Emails Overview

As a membership platform, Join It supports our customers by automating the membership life-cycle. Typically, these automated emails save our customers 100s of hours per month - and automated emails can be triggered across a variety of different events.

One of the most powerful parts of our membership software is the ability to collect recurring payments, so that members don't have to manually renew each month. When you're using automatic rebilling, you can configure a notification to be delivered when a payment fails - these emails are called Failed Payment Notifications.

Details of Failed Payment Notifications

Join It will send a Failed Payment Notification whenever a payment is attempt to be collected, but fails due to an issue with the payment method. This happens most frequently on membership that have automatic rebilling set up.

Common reasons for Failed Payments might be:

  • Expired Card

  • Insufficient Funds

  • Denied by Bank (e.g. Canceled Card)

How to adjust the "retry" schedule for Failed Payments

When a payment fails, Stripe notifies Join It and a Failed Payment Notification is sent.

Within your connected Stripe account, you can determine the cadence and 'retry' policy for handling failed payments. We recommend using Stripe's "Smart Retry" policy - and allow them to optimize the collection attempts (though, you can set a 'max' number of retries).

You can adjust this setting within your Stripe account here:

Included Information on Failed Payment Notifications

  • Call To Action to update Payment Method - this includes a unique link to update the payment method via a hosted page, so there's no need for the member to login (it's as simple/quick as possible to get them to update the payment method)

  • Name of Organization

  • Name of Membership Type

  • Price of Membership Type

  • Message with details and instructions

Example of Failed Payment Notification


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