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Managing Your Members and Membership Database
View of a Membership record for Organization admins
View of a Membership record for Organization admins

Details on what a Membership record will display within your Membership Database

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Membership records are one of the core components that make up your Membership Database on Join It. 

A typical record can include the following: 

Basic Information on the Membership, such as:

  • Membership Type: This is the name of the Membership Type that you defined as a part of your Organization's options for members.

  • Join Date: This is the date that the Membership was joined

  • Membership ID: This is an external ID that you can define for each member.

  • Expiration Date: This is the expiration date for this membership (which is a link, in the case that admins need).

Basic information collected from the Member, such as

  • Address, Company, Job Title, Social Media links, and more

Custom information collected from the Member, including the options for formats like

  • Text field, paragraph field, radio button, dropdown, waiver, checkbox

Below this information you'll find a 'Timeline', which keeps records your Members interactions with Join It. 

Timeline includes

  • When the Member joined the Organization

  • Any subsequent payments

  • Actions take on other connected platforms, like Eventbrite, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, etc. 

  • Renewal reminders, expiration notices, failed payment notices, and much more.


Attached to the Membership record, we also keep transaction receipts. Admins can click on the attached transaction cards to be taken to a full view of details on previous payments. 

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