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Create custom fields for your Membership Types
Create custom fields for your Membership Types

Learn how to create custom fields and attach them to your membership types

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Overview of Custom Fields

Creating custom fields for your Members is quick and easy.

Join It allows you to customize which fields will be collected by membership type, so that you can collect exactly what you need from each group of members. And once a custom field is created for your Organization, we give you the ability to add that custom field to all your membership types without having to recreate that custom field each time. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Custom Fields

  1. Navigate to the 'Members' section of Join It and click 'Member Settings' in the upper-right navigation (alternatively, you could click on an individual 'Membership Type' from your dashboard and select 'Edit Questions') - or click here:

  2. To create the Custom Fields required for your Membership database, click on the button that says 'Create Custom Field'

  3. Enter the prompt that you want for the custom field 

  4. Click 'Create Custom Field'

  5. Lastly, you'll have to 'Activate' these custom fields on each of your Membership Types. 

How to 'Activate' Custom fields on your Membership types

To activate your Custom field onto your Membership types you'll want to go the 'Members' tab, then click 'Membership types', then click on one of them to edit it and click 'Edit Membership fields'. There you can use the toggle switch to turn 'on' custom fields or standard fields to be used on the Membership form that Members see.

Here's an example of what that looks like:

Types of Custom Fields

You can create different types of custom fields to appear on your checkout form. These include: 

  • Textbox: A simple one-line input field for a member to write any text. 

  • Paragraph Textbox: A larger multi-line input field for a member to write a paragraph of text. 

  • Radio: Give multiple options that are displayed for the user to select a single choice.

  • Dropdown: Give multiple options that are collapsed for the user to select a single choice.

  • Checkbox: Give multiple options that are displayed for the user to select as many choices as they want.

  • Waiver: Include a body of text that the user has to 'Accept' before purchasing. 

Custom Fields for Admins-only

You can also set any Custom field as an Admin-only field within the Growth or Total Package Subscription tier. To create and Active an Admin-only field you'll want to follow the directions below:

  • You'll want to navigate to the same page as the Custom fields are created here:

  • Then click 'Create fields' under the Admin-only section on the right hand side.

  • Then you can go into each Member's membership to see the Admin-only field that you've activated. You can edit the information there for you and your Admin's to see. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the order of Custom Fields?

For the 'custom fields' only (excluding the default questions that can be activated), you can determine the order that they appear on the checkout page by the order they are 'activated'. More specific detail can be found here

Other Questions?

If you have any questions or feedback, then we'd love to hear!

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