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Overview of SurveyMonkey Automation
Overview of SurveyMonkey Automation

Send surveys to your Membership via SurveyMonkey

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Join It has integrated with SurveyMonkey to help Organizations keep a pulse on their Memberships. 

Through this Automation, you can automatically trigger a SurveyMonkey survey to be sent to a member on two different triggers: 

  1. When a member joins your Organization

  2. When a member goes inactive with your Organization

Additionally, you can choose to have these triggers apply to members from all Membership Types -- or select members from only a specific Membership Type.

Below are more details on the different triggers for each SurveyMonkey automation that you can create. 

Send SurveyMonkey surveys to new members

One of the ways that you can set up your SurveyMonkey automation is to automatically send a survey when a member first joins your Organization (or otherwise becomes an active member).

This is a great tool for aggregating information across all of your members through SurveyMonkey's world-class data and analytics platform. And it's perfect for collecting data that might be valuable in aggregate -- but not necessary for being associated with each member record in your membership database, such as marketing questions like: "How did you hear about our Organization?". 

Send SurveyMonkey surveys to members that go inactive

Another way that you can setup your SurveyMonkey automation is to automatically send a survey when a member goes inactive with your Organization. 

This is a great way to keep a pulse on member churn by collecting information that could prevent members from going inactive in the future. 

Does SurveyMonkey require a paid account for this automation?

Yes, SurveyMonkey does require to have a paid account with them to be able to use this integration on their side.

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