Overview of Shopify Automation

Learn about how you can connect your Join It membership database to Shopify.

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Deprecation Notice

Last update provided in November 2023

Unfortunately, we've been forced to deprecate this integration for new customers.

We're deeply sad that we are no longer able to provide this functionality that many of our customers relied upon - and that we invested engineering resources into creating/maintaining.

Shopify has made the decision to only support integrations that provide an entire end-to-end experience within the Shopify experience. Strategically, they've decided that external add-ons that integrate with Shopify stores isn't something they're interested in supporting.

While we might not agree with this decision, it's something that we have no choice but to comply with - by deprecating support of this integration.

If Shopify's decision changes in the future, then we'll be more than happy to pick up support for this integration and offer it to our mutual customers.

As always, please reach out to us if you have additional concerns or comments.


The team at Join It



NOTE: For information purposes, we're keeping this available because Shopify is allowing existing customers to continue using the app.

Since organizations commonly sell products or merchandise through Shopify, we've built an Automation for Shopify to sync your sales to your membership database. 

What does the Shopify Membership App do?

  • Create Member Discounts for Shopify: One of the more recent enhancements is that we now allow org admins to create an Automation that create Member Discounts in Shopify. Learn more here.

  • Sync Order Data from Shopify to Join It: Organizations can also connect their Shopify account to Join It, so that all of their Orders are connected to members -- giving a more complete look at the value of members. Learn more below.

Details on Syncing Order Data

The first iteration of the Automation for Shopify is very straight forward. The automation syncs Orders created on Shopify to their respective membership records (by matching on the email address associated with the Shopify order).

How to set up the syncing of orders

Setting up an automation is quick and easy: 

  1. Navigate to the 'Automations' section from your Dashboard

  2. Make the connection between Shopify and Join It

  3. Create the automation for syncing your Shopify orders to your membership database. 

Once you complete these three steps, then you're all set!

Details on Syncing Member Discounts

We go into more detail on Syncing Member Discounts to Shopify here. If the current iteration of Shopify doesn't meet your needs, then we'd love to hear from you!

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