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Overview of the Kindful Integration
Overview of the Kindful Integration

Learn how to set up the Kindful integration and all the features for connecting your Membership to your Donor database

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Save valuable time by connecting Join It and Kindful, ensuring your Member and donor data are in sync. Syncing your Membership database with other platforms is a core function of Join It, and Kindful is a powerful donor database and automation platform that complements your use of Join It.

Features of the Kindful Integration

  • Simple Configuration: Easily set which members are added to your donor database.

  • Campaign Association: Associate membership dues with specific Kindful campaigns.

  • Automatic Profile Creation: Automatically create Kindful profiles when members join your organization.

  • Recurring Membership Fees: Automatically charge recurring membership fees and send notifications if cards on file are declined or expired.

  • Profile Annotations: Member profiles on Join It are annotated with a note indicating that the data was properly synced to Kindful.

Instructions on Setting Up the Connection

Setting up the connection between Join It and Kindful is quick and easy. Follow these steps to ensure your new members and payments are automatically added to the appropriate Kindful campaign:

  1. Sign Up for Join It: Create your account on Join It and complete the onboarding process for your initial setup.

  2. Navigate to Automations: Go to the 'Automations' section of Join It.

  3. Select Kindful Card: Choose the card labeled 'Kindful'.

  4. Connect Kindful Account: If not already connected, click the button that says "Connect Kindful" and log in with your Kindful credentials.

  5. Select Membership Types: Choose which membership types you want to include in the automation setup (either 'All Members' or specific membership types).

  6. Choose Kindful Campaign: Select the Kindful 'Campaign' you want your members automatically associated with.

  7. Create Automation: Click 'Create Automation' and you're all set! All new members will be automatically added to Kindful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will members in Join It duplicate with donors in Kindful?

No, when creating the payment/donation in Kindful, it will attempt to match based on email address. If there is a matching email address, a duplicate record will not be created.

What fields get synced over to Kindful?

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Company/employer

  • Birthday

  • Phone

  • Address

Are we able to take donations without Kindful?

Yes, you can still accept donations without using Kindful. Join It allows you to collect and manage donations directly through its platform. However, integrating with Kindful provides additional benefits like enhanced donor management and automation capabilities.


Integrating Join It with Kindful ensures seamless synchronization of your member data with a powerful and intuitive donor management system, simplifying your administrative tasks and enhancing your member and donor management efficiency. Automating the update of your Kindful donor database with new members is just the first step in making your life easier.

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