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Mailjet Overview: Syncing your Members to Mailjet
Mailjet Overview: Syncing your Members to Mailjet

Learn more about Mailjet Membership Management

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Our mission at Join It is to make membership management simple. We think this starts with making all of your most important data syncs across the applications that you’re using to run your Organization.

With this in mind, we've built a basic integration with Mailjet - an email marketing platform. After you connect your Join It account to Mailjet, your members will sync to your designated Mailjet list in realtime.

Connecting Mailjet and Join It

Steps to Connect

  1. First, make sure that you've signed up for your account on Join It

  2. Then, navigate to the 'Automations' section of Join It - and select the 'Mailjet' tile.

  3. Then, create the connection by entering in the API Key and Secret Key from your Mailjet account.

  4. Once connected, determine which members (by Membership Type) you want to sync to which respective list from Mailjet.

  5. You're done!

How to find your API Key and Secret Key

Mailjet chooses to support integrations through an API Key + Secret authentication. Essentially, this is temporarily granting permission for Join It to take actions on your behalf - at any time, these permissions can be revoked if you choose.

To find your Mailjet account's API Key and Secret Key, navigate to this page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I connect Mailjet to Join It, will all my members sync?

Currently, creating the connection will not do a 'bulk' sync of all of your members. However, once the connection has been made - your members will be kept in sync from that point forward.

This means that you'll have to do a one-time import of all your memberships.

Is Mailjet your best integration for Email Marketing?

No, we have deeper integrations with other Email Marketing platforms. Such as:

We understand that there are a multiple factors that go into support an Email Marketing platform, so we can't dictate which platform everyone should use. However, we have our deepest integrations with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Klaviyo. For these platforms, you get the additional benefit of:

  • Syncing additional fields - such as: Membership Type, Membership Status, Expiration Date, etc.

  • Bulk sync upon connection - For Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Klaviyo - when connecting, the system will automatically sync your existing members database with your respective list.

Why isn't the Mailjet integration as 'deep' / complex as some of your other platforms?

In most cases, this is the because Mailjet's API (Application Programming Interface) doesn't offer the same functionality as other platforms.

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