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Email Deliverability
Email Deliverability

Learn more about the steps Join It has taken to get the best Email Deliverability

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Whether it's Membership Confirmations, Renewal Reminders, or our 'Quick & Easy' communication tool -- getting messages to your members is a critical component in delivering our service. 

Which is why we've invested resources into making sure messages from Join It are delivered to your members' inbox. 

First, let's start with the good news and completed projects: 

  • Join It's deliverability rating from our Email Service Provider is 'Excellent' and delivery rate is 98%+ 

  • We've taken the required steps to verify our domain with our Email Service Provider to authenticate that we can send via the domain. 

  • We've taken additional steps to purchase static IP addresses, so that Join It sends from a stable IP that is 'clean' and not rotated with other senders (who indeed might be using it for SPAM and flagged by services of email providers). 

  • We've taken additional steps to white-label our email sending with our ESP for further authentication.

A few additional additional thoughts that might go into delivery: 

  • Email / spam algorithms are personal, so it might be that an individual recipient's inbox sends a message to spam based on their previous behavior / actions. 

  • Reasons for email providers to mark some email as destined for the 'spam' folder for certain individuals while other emails might be delivered successfully are sometimes intentionally opaque with the reasoning that if there were complete transparency, then spammers could always 'win'. Instead, there is a list of 'best practices' which Join It follows. 

We're always happy to hear additional feedback and would love to hear any thoughts from our customers. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have emails send 'from' my email address or domain? 

For every email that's send, Join It will include your Organization's designated 'contact' email address as the 'reply-to' email address. So that folks can easily reply to emails sent on behalf of your Organization and reach the right contact. 

However, the from address of the email will be '' and this is done as a best practice to maximize deliverability. Email deliverability is heavily reliant on the reputation that's associated with the sender's (Join It) IP Address. And Join It has a sender reputation above the 98% percentile. 

Additionally, we've verified our sending domain with our Email Service Provider and it's important that the send domain matches the 'from' address -- as a mismatch in domains can decrease deliverability (some email services interpret this as an attempt at a Phishing attempt). 

So unfortunately, it's a best practice -- and in your Organization's best interest (even if it seems counter intuitive) to have the 'from' email address be rather than your email address. 

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