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Learn more about managing communication and sending emails to your members.

Overview of Email DeliverabilityLearn more about the steps Join It has taken to get the best Email Deliverability
How to lookup if your members are subscribed to membership emails via Join ItLearn more about your members and their ability to unsubscribe from emails delivered via Join It
View Recently Sent Emails that were delivered to MembersFrom a membership record, you can view recently sent emails that were sent on behalf of your organization to members via Join It.
Using our Editor for Emails and PostsLearn more about using our WYSIWYG Editor to craft the perfect emails and posts
Automated Emails

Learn more about the triggered emails that are automatically sent upon certain membership life-cycle events

Membership Confirmations (Type A) - When a member joins your Organization.Learn more about Membership Confirmation (Type A) emails that are sent after a member joins your organization
Membership Confirmations (Type B) - When a member renews, we send a a renewal confirmationLearn more about Membership Confirmations (Type B) that are sent after a member renews their membership with your organization
Renewal Reminders (Type A) - Automatic emails to remind members to renew ahead of expirations.Learn more about the automatically triggered emails sent ahead of an expiration, when the member must manually renew
Renewal Reminders (Type B) - Automatic emails to remind members about upcoming paymentLearn more about the automatically triggered emails sent ahead of an recurring payment, when the member will be billed automatically.
Payment Confirmations - Automatic emails sent to confirm membership paymentsLearn more about Payment Confirmation emails that are sent after a member is automatically re-billed for their membership
Failed Payment Notifications - Automatic emails sent when a payment failsLearn more about the Failed Payment notifications that are sent when a member's recurring payment fails
Inactive Notices (Type A) - Automatic emails sent when a membership expiresLearn more about this automated email that's delivered upon the expiration of a membership.
Inactive Notices (Type B) - Automatic emails that are triggered when a member cancelsLearn more about the automatic email that's sent when a membership is canceled.