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We're super excited to release the first Public Beta of our new Member Directory feature!

How can I set up my Member Directory?

Will this be available for all Organizations?

  • This feature will be available for Organizations that are under our Growth Package or Total Package. 

Can only Members view the Member Directory?

  • You can choose to have the Member Directory set up to be viewed by logged in Members only, or you can set it to be viewed by the public.

How do I allow my Members or the public to view my Member Directory?

  • You can click to view your Member directory (shown in the first question listed above), and then grab that URL to share to whom ever you wish.

  • Most Organization's like to post their Member Directory in the Members-only section found under each Membership type's settings page, or under the Description for your Profile page if the Member Directory is set up to be viewed by the Public. :)

Additional notes:

  • Organizations can select from a list of fields to determine what they want shown on the Member Directory. 

  • The directory fields are displayed in the order that they are activated (top to bottom).

  • We have a 'preview' of what your Directory will look like that you can view while you choose which fields to activate. 

  • This is our first launch of the feature, so please let us know what you think of it! :)

This feature has been built completely from our Customers wonderful feature requests, so keep the feedback coming! We love it!

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