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Seeing from a members perspective
Seeing from a members perspective

Learn how to see things the way your members do

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Have you ever wondered how your member sees their Membership?  

Well now you don't have to wonder! You can add yourself to your Organization as a member, to see everything the way your members see it. :)

Step 1: Adding yourself as a member

The easiest way to achieve this is for you to add yourself via your Admin Dashboard's 'Add Member' functionality. Note: You'll want to make sure to use the same email that you log into your Organization with.

Step 2: Visiting your Profile

Then, you'll want to visit your profile by hitting 'View Profile' in the top right hand corner of your dashboard. When you visit your profile -- you'll see the green bar at the top of your page saying 'You're already a member of this Organization'.

Step 3: Seeing what your members see

From there you can click the green 'Your Membership' button, and that will bring you to your member page. That's exactly what your members see! :) 

You'll also be able to see your different memberships by going to 'Account settings' and scrolling down to where it says ' Account Memberships'.

Alternatively, there are some articles in the 'Member Experience' section of the Support Center that may be helpful here.

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