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The first Automated Report that you can activate is called "Weekly Metrics". 

Within your Organization Dashboard, you can do the following:

  • View your Automated Reports: https://app.joinit.com/automated-reports

  • Add/Remove admin recipients from the Weekly Metrics Report

  • Delete the Weekly Metrics Report

  • Create a Weekly Metrics Report (if one does not already exist)

Within your Weekly Metrics Report, the following will be highlighted: 

  • Active Memberships

  • New Memberships (last 7 Days)

  • Total Memberships

  • Memberships by Membership Type

  • Total Payments

  • Payments (last 30 days)

  • Payments (Last 7 Days)

The Weekly Metrics report will be emailed at the start of the work week (Monday at 00:00:01 UTC) to the selected admin recipients. 

How do I add myself or another Admin onto the Weekly Metrics report?

Any current Admin can be added onto the Metrics report. To do so you'll want to go to the Automated reports tab found under the 'Insights' tab. Then you'll want to click on the existing report or create a new one and then you can toggle on or off the Admins you'd like on the report!

In addition to the Weekly Metrics Report, we're hoping to add additional Automated Reports soon -- so we'd love to hear any and all feedback on your needs. 

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