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Eventbrite Orders Report for Active Memberships
Eventbrite Orders Report for Active Memberships

Learn more about our Eventbrite Orders Report to investigate the quantity and value of Orders made by Active Memberships

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This report helps our organization understand the value of of their Active Memberships including their Orders via Eventbrite.

Report Details

This report can be found under the Eventbrite Reports within your "Insights" > "Reports" tab in your Organization Dashboard. Or click here.

When running this report, you'll have the options of receiving the data via:

  • Google Sheets

  • Download CSV

  • Email CSV

Once you're running this report, it could take several minutes to actually compile - so please give it time. If you've chosen an email option, then you can leave the screen while the report is building.

Report Columns

  • Display Name - string - Display Name of the Membership

  • Email - string - Email of the Membership

  • Membership Type - string - Membership Type of the Membership

  • Orders Placed - number - Quantity of Orders place by the Member

  • Orders Total (Formatted) - string - Sum Amount of Orders Placed by Member

  • Orders Total (Value) - number - Number Amount of Orders Placed by Member (in lowest currency unit - e.g. in USD, this represents 'cents').

  • Date of Last Order Placed (YYYY-MM-DD) - date - Date of Last Order Placed

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Join It connect 'Memberships' to 'Orders' in Eventbrite?

When compiling this report, Join It has to associate the 'Membership' records in our system with 'Orders' in Eventbrite. This is done by using the 'email' associated with the 'Membership' and doing a lookup on Eventbrite for 'Orders' that have the same 'email'.

It's worth mentioning that in Eventbrite's architecture, there is a concept of an 'Order' and an 'Attendee' - and this queries the 'email' on the 'Order' but not the attendee/ticket. In a very large majority of cases, the email on the 'Order' and 'Attendee' is the same - but this isn't always the case.

Why am I getting an Error about my "Rate Limit"?

When compiling the report, we need to 'request' information from Eventbrite about the respective Orders in your connected account. Eventbrite controls how many 'requests' can be made for each account, each hour. So you might be running against your account's rate limit during this hour.

Reasons for hitting a rate limit:

  • You've run the report multiple times within the hour

  • You've done other activities that require requests from 'Eventbrite' (e.g. setting up Automations

  • You have a large number of members (e.g. over 2500)

Upon request, Eventbrite has increased the hourly limit on specific accounts. Please contact the team at Join It - and we'd be happy to assist you with that.

Can I run this report for Inactive members?

Nope! Not just yet :) - currently, this report is only available for Active Memberships. If you'd like to see the functionality expanded then please reach out to the support team ( to tell us more about your request.

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