Overview of our Integration with Shopify

Shopify is the world's largest platform for allowing organizations and individuals to set up their own e-commerce stores.

Now, organizations can set up an Automation within Join It that automatically syncs discount codes to their Shopify store, so that members can receive discounts on their items.

In more detail, here's how it works:

  • An admin of an organization connects their Join It account to their Shopify store.

  • Once connected, the admin for the organization determines the value of the discount that they want created.

  • Once connected and configured, Join It will automatically create new discount codes for your members when they join.

  • Once connected and configured, Join It will also automatically remove discount codes for your members when they go Inactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Automation 'backdate' and create code for all of my members that are already in my member database on Join It?

Not currently. Though we can understand why an Organization might want to do this in some cases, the Automation currently only automatically applies to members that join after the Automation has been set up.

Does this Automation remove Discount Codes when a member goes Inactive?

Yep! This Automation syncs in two ways -- it creates new codes for your members when they go Active and it'll remove these codes when they go Inactive.

How do the members know their Discount Code?

We've had a lot of success with a previously implementation of Discount Codes on Eventbrite -- and we've learned that the best way to create Discount Codes is to set them equal to the user's email address.

Email addresses are ideal because they are (1) inherently unique, (2) already memorized by the members, and (3) personal information (so folks won't share them, and if they are shared, it's easy to tie back).

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