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QuickBooks Overview: How to Sync Member Payments
QuickBooks Overview: How to Sync Member Payments

Learn more about our new Automation to sync Member Payments to QuickBooks

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Update Note (NOV 2021): A Quick note to detail the improvements to our sync with QuickBooks that launched in November 2021.

Now, when create customers in QuickBooks - more information is synced. Including email address, company, phone number, and address (when fields are present).

Additionally, there's now a more complex 'matching' process to prevent duplicates. First, the integration will try to match via email address. If no email is found, then the integration will try to match by 'display_name'/Primary Field.

We're excited to launch our integration with QuickBooks Online, so that your membership payments will be automatically synced to your QuickBooks account.

Description of the Automation

Organizations can connect their Join It membership database to their QuickBooks Online, so that membership payments will automatically create Invoices / Payments in the connected QuickBooks Online account. 

How to Set Up

  • When initially setting up the connection between Join It and QuickBooks Online, you'll be redirect to QuickBooks / Intuit to 'approve' Join It's access. 

  • Once approved and connected, Join It will pull the respective 'Items' from your QuickBooks account, so that we can properly categorize your membership payments. 

  • You'll want to make sure to choose an Item Type option out of the dropdown list of options.

  • After you select the respective Item, your Automation will be set up. 

  • All future membership payments will be automatically synced to your QuickBooks Online account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Customers created (or matched) in QuickBooks Online? 

When sending information from Join It to QuickBooks Online, Join It will attempt to 'match' on your existing database of customers in QuickBooks Online. First, Join It will look for a match on the Email Address. If no customer is found, then Join It will attempt to match on the customer's 'DisplayName' in QuickBooks (Join It will use the Display Name that's set up in Join It depending on your settings - Learn more about adjusting the Display Name / Primary Field in Join It).

If there is still no match after attempts to look up existing customers on Email Address and DisplayName, then Join It will create new customers.

When Join It syncs to QuickBooks, what fields are carried over from Join It to QuickBooks?

When a Payment is recorded within Join It (both Online Payments and Offline Payments), Join It will send data over to QuickBooks and create 3 different 'objects' from the perspective of QuickBooks: An Invoice, an Invoice Payment, and a Customer (Join It will also query for matching Customers that already exist within your QuickBooks account by name).

When creating a new Customer (when an existing Customer doesn't match the query made), Join It will sync over:

  • Display Name/Primary Field

  • First Name (Given Name)

  • Last Name (Family Name)

  • Email Address

  • Company (if collected)

  • Phone (if collected)

  • Physical Address (if collected)

When creating an Invoice, Join It will sync over:

  • Amount and Quantity

  • Name of Membership Type

  • Tax Code Reference (if applicable)

  • QuickBooks Item Name

  • QuickBooks Item ID

How do I choose which Items the Invoices in QuickBooks are associated with? 

After you make the initial connections between QuickBooks Online and Join It, you'll be prompted to select from a list of 'Items' that are pulled from your QuickBooks Online account. You only need to make this selection once during set up.

Will Offline Payments be synced in addition to Online Payments?

Absolutely! Any payment that is recorded within Join It - both online payments (e.g. joining/renewing through the member portal, using 'Send Invoice', or collecting from a stored payment method) and offline payments (e.g. recording a check that was received in the mail, recording cash collected at an event) will be synced to Quickbooks.

How do I test the integration on my QuickBooks Online account? 

Once you establish the connection and finalize the automation, new payments will start to be pushed to your QuickBooks Online account when collected via Join It. 

To test the integration, we recommend that you add yourself as a member in admin ( then from your membership record, scroll to the bottom to select 'Add Payment'. 

When adding a payment, select an 'Offline Payment'. 

Once the payment has been added, you should see the respective Customers, Invoices, and Payments created in your connected QuickBooks Online account.

Does Join It automatically sync old membership payments? 

Nope! To avoid the headache of adding duplicate data unintentionally, Join It will not automatically backdate your payments into your connected QuickBooks Online account. 

Do you need help backdating payments? If so, let us know! 

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